Best Albums Ever:
Mind.In.A.Box — Crossroads

This is my favorite album of the said band and probably the best album for me in this whole genre. It’s perfect when you want to spend some time with yourself among pulsing and ethereal electro soundscapes.

Get full album: on Google Play Music or iTunes or as a YouTube Playlist

I would recommend to start with Amnesia track (and there’s a full album playlist inside this player).

There’s a very particular genre of music called futurepop.
It’s something in between old 80s new wave romantic synthpop music like Depeche Mode mixed and stirred with trance like futuristic rhythms. Or at least it sounded futuristic in the 00s.

Reasons to love

  1. It has a concept. All albums are tied into one cyberpunk story. The story adds another level to it, but everything totally works even if you don’t pay much attention. It just creates a wonderful and thought-thru atmosphere.

  2. Lyrics while simple and easy to follow resonate with me personally. They say true art is to express in simple words something complex. And it manages to capture and picture certain feelings and states of mind.

  3. For any synthpop band vocals are a pretty big deal. You either like the lead singer or not. MiaB uses different vocoders and it’s almost the ONLY band where I can really enjoy them and where they are put to good use.

  4. Music :) Probably both new wave and trance fans will be disappointed. But try to understand this sound and it will grow on you!

mind in a box - crossroads

Some music videos I like, vol. I

Every once in a while I start to think that I need to make an elaborate YouTube playlists of stuff I like. But it all ends with me randomly clicking Like button here and there. And I can make a far better stories about one particular song or a performance, when it comes to making a playlist all of a sudden I’m too perfectionist.

So. Just to jump start the music section of my blog I will dump on your eyes and ears some random flicks from my “Liked videos” playlist. Hope I share at least some of my tastes with some of you.

E-Men — Animal skin

An underground electro, this tune is like a drug for me. Found it somewhere on russian goth forums back in the day and still can’t get it out of my head. May be it’s even on my ringer right now.

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