Secret Doors of Italy

Italians are very serious about preserving their cultural heritage and architecture. But at the same time they are not trying to make everything look perfect and new, they are just slowing down the process of graceful degradation. So you can feel the weight of history intensely.

It wasn’t always like that… Old walls look like palimpsests with layers and layers of different bricks, old window shapes and arches.

Nowadays it’s not that easy to get a permission to build another floor, change windows or anything on the facade at all. But sometimes you are lucky enough to get a permission for a new door.
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Wedding in Florence

I’ve started taking more and more photos recently and I’m really enjoying it. Mostly photo reports from small parties and street photo. Especially street photography feels very interesting and demanding to be more brave, fast and curious.

And so recently my friend Michelle has invited me to take some photos on her sister’s wedding… I was so nervous about it, because the event is so important and it was one of my very first commercial shootings.
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December in Florence

(Joseph Brodsky, 1976. translated by author)

“He has not returned to his old Florence,
even after having died . . . ”
Anna Akhmatova


The doors take in air, exhale steam; you, however, won’t
be back to the shallowed Arno where, like a new kind
of quadruped, idle couples follow the river bend.
Doors bang, beasts hit the slabs. Indeed,
the atmosphere of this city retains a bit
of the dark forest. It
is a beautiful city where at certain age
one simply raises the collar to disengage
from passing humans and dulls the gaze.

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