Psychedelic Rock

I’m not entirely sure about that title, but wanted to share a couple of bands I really really like.

Eric Lovre & Lisa LeGros

Layered and hypnotic music with that vintage lo-fi sound that makes it even more personal. Unfortunately I don’t even have a full album and this song I got by accident from my friends. Guess it makes it only more special.

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Best Albums Ever:
The Future Sound of London — The Isness

I’m still that old-fashioned guy who listens to albums. Not in that hipster territory with buying vinyls…

But whenever I want to listen to an artist I really care about I would choose an album and listen to it from the beginning to the end, several times in one day.

So here will be some albums I could’ve taken to inhabited island with me or recommend to anyone. Here’s the first one.

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The Future Sound of London — The Isness”