Growing up

It’s a common misconception that growing up means accepting more responsibility for your actions. That to spot an adult you need to start looking for someone concerned and serious.

But the older I get the less I believe that most people make any conscious decisions at all. Our habits and past experience just form patterns for us.
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That’s a very simple and obvious thought. Be kind to those who are kind to you.

Psychedelic Rock

I’m not entirely sure about that title, but wanted to share a couple of bands I really really like.

Eric Lovre & Lisa LeGros

Layered and hypnotic music with that vintage lo-fi sound that makes it even more personal. Unfortunately I don’t even have a full album and this song I got by accident from my friends. Guess it makes it only more special.

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Cat Zen

Relationships are strange.
We are kind to strangers and yell at our close ones. We can be courteous and nice with clients, anticipating their needs… and deaf and blind to the needs of our neighbors.

Someone may say that’s the problem of man’s egoism and search for profit in every interaction. But I can’t agree, because there’s one great exception. Cats.

We love cats unconditionally and sometimes with a greater tolerance and respect than of a mother to her own child. Cats are the perfect example of a person taking things as they are. There’s true wisdom in the way we treat and appreciate our cats.

Some people even consider their pet a real person, they imagine cat’s feelings and talk to them… May be it is time to turn it around and imagine that all people (including yourself) are also like cats and treat them accordingly?

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10+ asian movies you should watch

Hooray! Another movie list!
Have you already seen my list of 10+ visually influential movies?

Many of these movies on the list are exquisitely over the top and this is exactly why I love asian cinematography. Here you will find the most dramatic, most scary and most weird movies I’ve ever seen!

They are arranged alphabetically to make it easier for me.


What happens if an anime director of one of the best cyberpunk animated movies (Ghost in the Shell, Mamoru Oshii) makes a live action movie in Eastern Europe? Love the tone and aesthetics of this movie, all these old trams made in the Czech Republic are exactly like they were in my home city. And this atmosphere is perfect for such sci-fi dystopia.

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Einstürzende Neubauten — Sabrina

One of my favorite music videos of one of the best bands. It’s a little bit unusual and graphical for this band, and the lyrics are minimalistic and seemingly easy to understand.

What I want is to share my point of view on what’s happening in the video.

The main character is obviously a Minotaur who was a bastard of a queen and a god hidden in a maze. And I feel like this maze is a brain and Minotaur is a part of the identity of protagonist exposed in the toilet chamber of his own mind. This part of him reflects on his life in this moment of sincerity and weakness deep inside, tries to tell what kind of person he is. In a second-person narrative.

I like how the room weeps at the end. And how on the verse about black color Blixa himself comes in all dressed in black. Blixa is like a superego checking out on himself and washing hands after.

10+ visually influential movies

I love to advise movies to my friends. And sometimes it’s the same movies all over again…

Because of that I tried to make a long list of the “best movies alive” but it became too long too fast. And it’s extremely hard to pick how broad should I be in genre and popularity. For example: anyway everybody has seen The Matrix?

So I decided to break the list into different parts. And here’s the first one!

10 movies that influenced me, especially in a visual way

That’s also quite a broad category, so I tried to pick pretty different flicks and arrange them alphabetically.

Blade Runner

This is the best sci-fi/cyberpunk movie from the visual perspective. Period. If you have already seen it, then check out this 99 page sketchbook!

And if you haven’t, go and watch it right now. And yes, I know, it is a little long and slow, but totally worth it nevertheless.

Interesting fact: That Rutger Hauer iconic monologue at the end was improvised!

Also consider watching: Lexx (tv show), Johnny Mnemonic, Total Recall

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